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Gift Packages

Going to a party or bringing something to the office and you don't know what to bring? Our gift packages make the toughest decisions in life easy and are great for all occasions. Give us a 24 hour heads up and we'll get you something to please everyone!


3 Cookies, 3 Cinnamon Knots, 3 Babka Buns, 1 Ciabatta


Work Friend

6 Cookies, 6 Cinnamon Knots, 4 Babka Buns, Sourdough Crackers, 1 Focaccia OR 1 Sourdough Loaf



12 Cookies, 12 Cinnamon Knots, 4 Babka Buns, 1 Ciabatta, 1 Focaccia OR 1 Sourdough Loaf



Don't like the packages we've put together? We forgive you. Give us a call or email us and we will curate something for your needs!


Getting one of our gift packages for a special occasion? Add a Peg City Calligraphy (@pegcitycalligraphy) hand drawn greeting card for an additional $4.00

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Card.jpg


Thinking of You

Thinking of You Card.jpg

Thank You

Thank You Card.jpg
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